Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Rainbow Bridge - Page, Arizona

I'm super excited to share this post with everyone today! If you've never been to the northern part of Arizona, keep reading and let this be your sign to take that trip!

Red rock Arizona page grand canyon horseshoe bend glen canyon

If you follow along with me on my Instagram or Facebook, you'll know that Kyle and I got to take a really fun trip to Page, Arizona (okay it was a while March...but better late than never right?!)

We were able to go on this trip through our Rec Center Copper Sky and it made planning super easy! So easy that we didn't even have to do it ourselves :D This was a two day trip and it included:

  • Transportation to and from Maricopa to Page (about a 6 hour drive each way)

  • A visit to the Glen Canyon Dam overlook

  • A guided tour through Upper Antelope Canyon

  • A boat tour of Lake Powell which dropped us off at a trail to hike to Rainbow Bridge National Monument

  • A hotel stay at Lake Powell Resort

  • AND the chance to see Horseshoe Bend in all its glory.

Red rock Arizona page grand canyon horseshoe bend glen canyon
Red rock Arizona page grand canyon horseshoe bend glen canyon
Red rock Arizona page grand canyon horseshoe bend glen canyon

Yes. For real. It was amazing! Definitely check our your city's Rec center or YMCA to see what trips you might be able to take too. We got to check off so many places from our bucket list because of this awesome program!

First stop was the Glen Canyon Dam. Thanks to City Town info I found out that the city of Page was established in March 1957. It was initially a housing camp for workers who were building the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. The city got its name from John C. Page, a commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.

This scenic stop had views that rivaled horseshoe bend and a LOT less crowded. Win-win!


Then we were finally on our way to Upper Antelope Canyon!

I was especially excited for this because I have always wanted to visit. Unfortunately, we were not there to see the famous light beams. Those are typically seen during the summer months when the sun is the highest. We were a bit early for that going in March and we were the last tour of the day starting at 4pm so the sun was already starting to set. I'll get it next time!

Have no doubt, this canyon at any time of the day or year is just spectacular! Plus going in the "off season" means we didn't have to fight the normal huge crowds. There were still a lot of people but even the guides mentioned it was not as bad as it can be. I was just thankful to get some photos that actually had no people in them! Yay for not having to edit out humans!


After the slot canyon, we headed to a “secret” lookout above Lake Powell for sunset. The view was incredible to say the least! We got to enjoy the lake at sunset but needed to get to our resort to see it again bright and early for our trip to National Monument Rainbow Bridge.

I didn’t get any photos of our resort cause we were beat but it was so nice to eat, drink and relax there after the busy day! The staff and everyone there was super friendly and fun too. 10/10 would recommend.


This was the view from our room! Gorgeous Lake Powell. We had a 2 hour boat ride to get to our destination and then we had to hike about 30 minutes to see the bridge.


If you look close, you can see the snow on the mountains back there! It was COLD! I enjoyed every bit of having the opportunity to this monument in person.

Hiking to the monument was bittersweet because it meant the trip was coming to an end. But not without seeing another “monument” first! We were stopping at Horseshoe Bend before heading back on the 4 hour drive home. There were definitely a lot of people there which we expected. There was also constructions going on but not exactly sure what for. It looked like they may have been building a fence or sitting areas since the bend has gained so much popularity.


This trip was amazing and definitely one i’ll always remember!