Brie + Taylor - Engagement Session in Sedona, Arizona


What do you do when it’s nearly 110 degrees outside and you want engagement photos taken outdoors? Head north of course! Brie and Taylor decided to ditch the heat and have their photos taken in cool Sedona. What better place than a trail off of Oak Creek! Kyle and I drove together for this little day trip too. I dropped him off at Oak Creek Brewing and I headed to my session, win-win!

These two have such a strong and playful love and I love that they weren’t afraid to show it! I had so much photographing this couple. They were down to explore the trail, find hidden spots and just enjoy the session. I had so much photographing them that I totally forgot I dropped Kyle off! My sessions normally last about 1-2 hours so when it was almost 4 hours later and I still hadn’t come back to pick him up, he started to freak. Oopsie! Sorry babe! Nevertheless, everyone was safe and happy!

Photographer tip: TRAVEL! If you aren’t super happy with any areas near you to be photographed at, look in a further direction! It’s especially helpful to think this way when the heat is just too much to be working in - for the couple or photographer! Think about the mountains up north or find a big body of water that will cool the temps down fast! Always ask your photographer if they are willing to travel and be prepared for any travel fees depending on the distance!