The Wagners - Family Photos in Phoenix, Arizona


When was the last time you had family photos taken? Was it like…3 Christmases ago? If it was, don’t stress! It’s tough to have family photos done every year. Heck, even every 2 years! I’m definitely guilty of not having photos done every year with my family. But it’s something I would say is SO worth putting the effort, time and money into! Especially if you all live apart from each other. However, these are photos of your family we’re talking about here! The people you love and don’t ever want to forget! (Plus, you’ll have one of the best looking Christmas cards around).

Like every session of mine, the thing I like to recommend is to make this family session true to you! If you and your family love going hiking together, incorporate that into your session. If you are movie people, contact your favorite theater and see what your options are. It doesn’t have to be a boring time where you pretend to smile. I want to get those genuine belly laughs and happy faces from you and your family being comfortable together. It’s easier than you think!

I can’t stress enough how happy a photograph can make someone. I’ve had sessions from years ago where I’ll get a surprising email saying “thank you” for their photos because they have something to look back on and remember happier times.

These are the days you never want to forget.