Jessi + Andrew - Saguaro Lake Engagement


Kyle and I will use any excuse to take our boat to Saguaro Lake. We love being there any time of the year. So when Jessi + Andrew said they wanted to take their engagement photos there we were like "uhhh YEAH! Wanna go for a boat ride too?". It was an awesome idea for everyone involved since it's starting to reach triple digit temps in Arizona now. This would be the perfect way to be able to cool down. But these two still brought the heat even when they got in the cool lake water! No wonder it's so hot here, it's because of these two, haha!

I met Jessi + Andrew at her sister's wedding in December 2017. Which I also photographed ;) I love getting to know this family and being their photographer for these amazing parts of their lives. It really is such an honor to be a part of their lives in this way. It's one of my favorite parts of this job!

Jessi + Andrew are two of the sweetest people and are full of smiles and giggles. I have the biggest smile on my face just uploading and writing about these photos! It's no wonder these two are getting married soon, just look how happy they make each other!

 I can’t wait to photograph their wedding this October!

Saguaro Lake Arizona Engagement Photo
Alyssa Ryan Photography Saguaro Lake Engagement Arizona.jpg
Alyssa Ryan Photograph Saguaro Lake Engagement