Danielle's Maternity Photos

I was fresh out of college when I moved to Arizona in 2013. I was working at a Jamba Juice in Long Beach, CA and was lucky enough to transfer to a store in Tempe, AZ. This is where I met Danielle. She was the first friend I ever made while working at the Tempe store and she was so much fun to work with and be around. A year or two later, we found new jobs and went our separate ways.

Then in 2021 she contacted me to tell me she was getting married! I was so happy to get her inquiry and we picked right back up where we left off. She had a beautiful brunch wedding at the Ashley Castle. About a year after that, she told me she was expecting her first baby girl and we scheduled maternity photos at the Desert Botanical Garden! Enjoy this garden goddess' maternity photos!

It is such an honor to be able to document these exciting milestones in someone's life and I will never tire of it!