shelby in The brown tulle dress


I call this creative session "August". This inspirational shoot became the transition from Summer to Autumn for me. The texture of the dress photographs so well and Shelby wears it beautifully. The whimsy and lightness of the flowers in the bouquet and arrangement give the feeling of summer brightness but the dried leaves feel like they are ready to move on. This whole session is definitely a bit different than my normal "light" work but I LOVE the dark tones this has! I am also loving the black paper backdrop at Stone Studios.

If you have never done a session for yourself, here is your sign to do so. I put out a model call for someone to wear this dress from Lael Collection and Shelby was on it! While getting to know her, she told me she hasn't really done anything for herself in years and I can totally relate. We both have 2 girls around the same ages and it can be so difficult to feel like you have any time for yourself. Not to mention Shelby works in a hospital with a demanding schedule and about 2 hours away from this studio! I was blown away but SO happy she made this happen for herself.

Another fun fact about this session is my friend Hannah of Flutter Floral created this gorgeous bouquet for me! What's even more amazing is we had a ton of leftover flowers and I was able to tap into my floral design brain and I created the arrangement in the gold vessel for this shoot. I felt so inspired watching Hannah create the bouquet and I absolutely loved creating this arrangement!

I may have found a new hobby!