Let's get you ready for your photo session!

You don't really understand how happy I am that you chose me to be your photographer! We are going to have a lot of fun together and create some wonderful memories for yourself and family!

I know photo day may feel overwhelming because you want everyone to be happy and in good moods but that reality is things can go off course and that's okay! To maximize everything we can during your photo session (whether you booked a mini or a full session), read some of my helpful tips below!

TL:DR - To effectively prepare for a photo session, gently discuss the importance of coordinating outfits, arriving early, and not forcing anyone to smile and say "cheese!" We are going to capture beautiful moments together candidly and traditionally.

Things to Do

  • I can guarantee you already have great outfits in your closet that make you feel good and could already wear but if you want to go shopping for something new, order it online a few weeks before or go shopping in a store with inspo photos in hand so you aren't overwhelmed.
  • Pro tip: Shop online and pick up in store!

  • If you are planning on getting your nails or hair done for photos be sure to book that appointment in advance and at least a week before the day. Same for men and boys who want to get a fresh cut!

  • If you want to get your makeup done for your photos, be sure to book that in advance as well

What to Wear

  • Definitely put a bit of thought into your outfits but remember to stay comfortable! This isn't the time to wear something that doesn't feel like you.

  • Wear colors in a complimentary color palette, such as earth tones and neutrals. I like to suggest choosing one color as the core and then coordinating shades of that same color into outfits.

  • For example, If you choose Navy, coordinate with light blues, darker blues, cool grays or black and white. Play with textures, layers and minimal patterns. It'll photograph well!

  • Take a look at my Pinterest board for Family Outfit Inspiration here and for Couples here
Cute family photo in a field
Family of 3 sitting in their hallway happy
family photo of brothers looking at camera

Getting Organized

  • Try on your outfits at least twice before the day of your session. This helps eliminate any unnecessary stress so you already know what to wear, how to style it and feel good about it!

  • One of the biggest things I can't stress enough is to leave for your session with more than enough time. Please plan your route and drive so that you are able to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

  • Brainstorm about any special types of images you want or certain items you may want to include like blankets, or ultrasounds etc.

  • I always find it helpful to put everything you will want to take with you into one backpack or large tote bag so there's only one place things could be during your session.

Prepare any kids

  • To prepare small kids for a photoshoot, ensure they are well-rested (I know...easier said than done) and have had a snack beforehand to keep their energy up (and bring more for during and later!)

  • Tell them you'll be “hanging out with our friend Alyssa in a few days!” or “we're going to go exploring with our new friend, Alyssa!" and keep things fun and casual. This may be helpful if you have a particularly shy child to help mentally prepare.

  • It might sound silly but show them pictures of who your photographer is! I find it's helpful for kids to see my face at least once before photo day! I always have portraits of myself on my Instagram and throughout my website for easy viewing.

  • Explain the fun adventure of taking pictures with me! Encourage them to be themselves and have a good time during the session. Don't tell them they have to smile!
A blow blowing bubbles to his dog
Young siblings jumping in the air with hair flying around

How to "Pose"

  • We will get real smiles and laughter from the simple things like playing, hugging and being goofy. This works on couples too!

  • Relax, slow down, and try not to force anything. Saying "cheeeese" can work well for traditional portraits but I want to get those real interactions and candid moments more. I love capturing authentic expressions.

  • I will definitely help direct and guide you into the most flattering poses. If you would like any kind of additional posing help, try watching this video.

What to Bring

  • Snacks/Treats/Candy (because I am not above a bribe!) But please no brightly colored things that will stain or make teeth blue!

  • It’s best not to tell kids about the treats before the session; wait until the kids start getting fatigued before you pull out the candy card!

  • Water bottles!

  • A hairbrush or any makeup touch ups

  • A change of clothes (just in case something crazy happens)

  • Walking shoes
cute little boy jumping off bed
cute smiling little girl in the air
sweet portrait of brother giving a kiss to little sister

Have Fun!

  • Try not to feel pressured to make everything perfect! Just be present with your family and I’ll do the rest.

  • Family photos are a time where everyone can be silly. Kids may be nervous and feel vulnerable too, remember to let them be themselves and try not to yell or get upset at them for not "being good".

  • This is the time to take in your surroundings. Don't worry about what's happening on your phone and be present. I promise it will make you appreciate things a little more.


  • I'll be hard at work editing your images and making sure you are getting the best of the best!

  • I will send you some sneak peeks within the week, woo hoo!

  • Expect your full gallery delivered within 2 weeks!
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