aglow photo retreat

My First Photo Retreat!

Aglow is an inclusivity-focused retreat for photographers and everything about it was fun, intentional and a great experience for me as a creative. This retreat was exactly what I needed. There were such amazing vendors and photographers that I got to meet and work with and I am forever thankful that there are like minded people in this world. We got to stay at the Arizona Nordic Village in Flagstaff, AZ and it was obviously a nice break from the heat in the valley. We got to stay in cozy cabins or yurts in the forest complete with a wood burning stove to keep us warm at night. We had 2 catered dinners which was so generous of our hosts and it was special being able to eat together as a creative family and talk like we've known each other all along.

I love when talking to total strangers starts to feel like you've known them forever.

I was able to create these images because of the amazing experience the hosts put together for us. Our models were beautiful, real couples and they were not afraid to be themselves.

I attended this retreat because I was able to create without the pressure of a timeline and also be myself as a photographer.

I wanted to share all my images from Aglow all together but then I thought about how I wanted each gallery to shine on its own. So here is the first of 4 galleries that I will be sharing with you. Please enjoy Hillary & Kenyttiesh in this elopement styled shoot.









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